1. Platform:

    Pervaisive / IRL

  2. Role:

    Sole Developer

Quick fire balloon batting action. Fast moving teams of two get their balloon to the scoring zone while avoiding their opponents buffeting breeze.

Created for the May 2012 Hide & Seek Sandpit themed around sports and gameshows.


A game lasts 10 minutes. Most points by the end of the game wins.

The team in posession has the baloon. The dispossesed team have large fans to waft the baloon off course.

Team in Posession

  1. Posession is started from wherever the balloon was lost last.
  2. Score by catching the baloon in the scoring area.
  3. You cannot carry the balloon.
  4. You lose posession if one player touches the balloon 3 times in a row.
  5. You lose posession if the balloon touches the floor.

Disposessed Team

  1. Use your fan to make the balloon hit the floor
  2. If the balloon touches you or your paddle, you must go and tag the referee.