Telescopic Traders

  1. Platform:

    Pervaisive / IRL

  2. Role:

    Sole Developer

Loosely based on the competing Dutch and English East India Companies of the 1800's. Deliver tokens to the right port wiht limited vision and avoid opponents privateers.


A game lasts 10 minutes. Most delivered cards by the end of the game wins.

Set up 4 coloured ports at the corner of a 5m square. Each port has coloured cargo tokens and a scoring pot for each team.

Each player has an eye-patch and a paper telescope which must be used at all times. All players can only turn anti-clockwise.

2 teams of 3 people (2 merchants and a privateer each)


  1. Collect tokens from ports and deliver them to the corrosponding port (red token to red port).
  2. If tagged by an opposing privateer, hand over your token and you are stuck.
  3. Blow your whistle to attract your teams privateer to release you.


  1. You cannot get tokens from ports
  2. Catch opposing merchants, take their token and deliver it to the right port
  3. Keep an ear open for stuck merchants on your team, tag them to realease them.